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Youtube Trailer - Played at Denver Comic Con


Frontline Fodder takes the endless runner genre and combines it with elements from a Bullet Hell game.

As a prisoner of war, you are being forced to charge the enemy as part of the first wave of attack. The front line is used primarily to test the enemy resistance before the army charges in full force. With limited protection from danger, evade your way through enemy lines by any means necessary. You will have Allies to accompany you in the charge, but be wary, when death is at stake even friends may turn foe.

How far can you make it beyond enemy lines?

Level Themes

There are three different level themes, each with their own challenges and playstyle:

  • Forest BattleField - The classic, evade the barrage of arrows and leap over pitfalls.
  • Space Ship - Avoid missles and ship hazards in a low gravity environment.
  • Fantasy - Avoid various different spells while using a portal mechanic to your advantage.

Think you can beat my Highscores?

(as of 5/17/2015)

  • Forest Highscore: 173.9s/58.2m
  • Space Highscore: 153.7s/49.2m
  • Fantasy Highscore: 185.7s/72.1m


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